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(v.) To do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work.

To us,

It’s not just art,
it’s personal.

Whether you want to add an interesting piece to your own house or you’re an interior designer looking to finish a new home in style, our kinetic sculptures will be a great element. Kinetic sculptures offer a eye-catching mix of art and physics.
We at Meraki Kinetics carefully design and cut each piece with extreme precision and care before assembling them to test and finish a perfectly balanced kinetic sculpture. This is how they keep going for hours on end after winding. Each sculpture a unique design that is hand-made upon request.

Abdulrahman Atef

Meraki's Founder

For the past 8 years Abdelrahman has been working on handmade artwork. His meticulous attention to detail and quality and his environmental sense, make his products beautiful, precious and guilt-free for those with a green-sense.
Abdelrahman has also been sharing his knowledge and skills for years helping and encouraging others to build similar products.


We’re based in Cairo Egypt and ship our sculptures from there to customers around the world.
Except for construction and mechanism, the sculptures are made of wood with minimal finishing to ensure resistance to temperature and humidity changes.
Yes. You will need a drill to make two small holes in the mounting wall. Beyond that, all parts including a detailed step-by-step construction manual, screws and plugs are provided in the shipped package. Construction and mounting typically takes no more than ten minutes.
No. Sculptures are powered by a single constant-force spring motor with suitable strength.
Every piece goes through a rigorous QA process before shipping. All sculptures have a one year limited warranty to the original owner which expires with the transfer of ownership from the original owner. Damage caused by prolonged exposure to extreme environmental conditions, normal wear and tear, accidents, abuse, or modifications will not be covered and will void the warranty. If your sculpture is damaged by some unfortunate incident, we will gladly repair it for a nominal fee.